Fortnite Port-A-Fort in action Video Clip

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V3.5 also adds the Port-a-Fort item, which is basically a grenade that, when activated, creates an instant defensive fortress which can be used to get a height and positioning advantage on players around you. Recently, a Rock, Paper, Scissors emote took the community by storm once it was discovered that the emote actually randomly displayed one of the three hand gestures.

Multiple camera modes to choose from, including drone follow, drone attach, and third-person. 50v50 mode has been updated to Version 2. These unique costumes and cosmetics are one of the main reasons why Fortnite remains as popular as it is and the developers at Epic Games only appear to be getting more creative. Read on below to find out all of the most recent changes. If you're downed too, then you will lose 10 health per tick rather than two like in the standard modes.

As well as this change, the patch nerfs guided missiles, making them slower to turn by 75% and slowing their overall speed by 15%. A delay has been added to weapon switching too, so players can not rapidly switch between shotguns in close quarters combat anymore.

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There's also problems with the Epic Games email system, although this seems to be separate and not affecting people playing the game. Watch how he uses his dome to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

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