May avoids London wipeout as United Kingdom local elections deliver mixed results

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The UK Independence Party has suffered a near wipeout in the council seats it was defending in the English local elections.

Although Labour lost two seats - Hatfield East and Peartree - they won Haldens with Lucy Musk from the Tories, and kept control of Hollybush, Hatfield South West, Howlands, and Hatfield Central - eventually ending with one less councillor than before.

Labour's Ellie Emberson, 19, made history when she won Minster ward, becoming the youngest woman ever elected to the council.

In Tameside, The Tories lost their last remaining councillor as Labour hold control and in Bury they have a majority of eleven after losing one seat overall.

Outside London the Conservatives benefitted from the collapse of the UKIP vote, with numerous anti-EU party's seats turning blue.

But it is clear it was a mixed night for Labour and the Conservative party, with Labour making some gains but the Tories comfortably retaining control of key London councils.

There was also success for the Conservatives in the north London borough of Barnet, which they won even though it had been a big target for Labour.

With 150 councils and 4,000 seats being counted, results are still trickling in for the local elections.

The Lib Dems celebrating a successful evening.

Warwickshire County Council leader, Izzi Seccombe.

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Leading pollster Sir John Curtice, professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde, said there was little for Labour to celebrate in the results.

He said: "It's always hard to win contests when you're the party in government, so taking St Chad's and Barnes was very encouraging for us. Beyond that, there isn't very much for the Labour Party to celebrate".

Thurrock remains under no overall control.

Nevertheless the Tories have a 24-seat majority so an enormous swing can be required for the authority to alter arms.

The Conservatives held control of the symbolic London borough of Wandsworth, results on Friday confirmed, defying some predictions that it could fall to Labour.

But it was a bad night for the Lib Dems, who lost three seats overall despite taking one from Labour in Rothwell.

THE latest round of local elections in Sunderland saw Labour take a bruising at the polls, writes local democracy reporter James Harrison.

After 14 years of Tory rule at Trafford Council it went to no overall control.

"Labour yet again dragged defeat from the jaws of potential victory", Cllr Cowan said.