Trump hints Kim meeting set, denies troops' exit ever in plan

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United States president Donald Trump has hinted there may soon be an update on the three Americans being held captive in North Korea.

On Saturday the North's state media hailed the inter-Korea summit as a "historic meeting", adding that Kim and Moon "confirmed the common goal of realising, through complete denuclearisation, a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula".

The White House announced that Trump will host Moon at the White House on May 22, in talks aimed at demonstrating allied unity before the Trump-Kim summit.

A summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is also set to take place in the coming weeks, after decades of hostility between Pyongyang and Washington.

He reportedly ran a trade and hotel service company in Rason, a special economic zone on North Korea's border with Russian Federation. They are primarily meant to serve as a bulwark against North Korean aggression and to preserve a shaky peace that allowed South Korea to build its economy into a global powerhouse.

Park Sang-hak, a North Korean defector and leader of an anti-North Korea civic group, speaks as he prepares to release balloons containing leaflets denouncing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, near the demilitarized zone in Paju, South Korea, May 5, 2018. If he indeed concedes troop reductions for North Korea's denuclearisation, then the message going out to the world could be not as positive as it seemed earlier.

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Earlier in the day, Bolton rebuked a New York Times article which reported that Trump was looking for options to scale back the number of US troops in South Korea, calling it "utter nonsense".

The reduction of the troops was not a bargaining chip in Trump's talks with Kim, the NYT cited sources who informed about it as saying but rather a logical conclusion after the two Koreas entered into a peace treaty.

"Pyongyang Time" was created as tensions between the authoritarian country and the US grew over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program and worldwide sanctions aimed at dismantling it.

North Korea pushed its Pyongyang Time half an hour forward Saturday to match Korean Standard Time as recognized by Seoul.

For decades, the US military has protected South Korea and Japan under its nuclear umbrella, and it shares high-tech military surveillance and conducts annual joint war games preparing for any conflict.

The White House is denying a published report that President Donald Trump is seeking options to reduce the US troop presence on the Korean peninsula.