Apple Internal Memo Acknowledges Microphone Issue On The iPhone 7

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Weirdly, the hardware defect seems to have been triggered by iOS 11.3.

When that happens, you may expect the front-facing TrueDepth camera or the display in its entirety to be replaced, but for some reason, authorized service providers are now advised to try repairing the rear shooter first.

'Customers may experience greyed-out speaker button during phone calls, ' Apple said in an internal email leaked to the site. The issue is said to mute the microphone to prevent users from being heard during phone calls. If you have, however, and your speakerphone is working, bringing it to an Apple Store or authorized reseller seems like your only recourse if the Bluetooth disconnection doesn't work. Despite the advanced tech involved, there were reports stating the issues users facing with this new authentication. If the smartphone returns an error like, "device could not detect dock" or "accessory not supported", the iPhone can be repaired. The problem could only be resolved permanently by sending the iPhone to authorised service centres.

Users have taken to Reddit to explain that soon after buying their iPhone X, both the rear camera and Face ID stopped working at the same time. In the leaked report, Apple has mentioned that some devices required fix as the software seems to be wrecking the hardware, however, the details are lacking.

It's a good thing that Apple is replacing the whole iPhone X unit marred with the Face ID issue.

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Apple isn't explaining what the specific fault is, but it looks to have been triggered by the upgrade to iOS 11.3.

The Redditor received a new phone to replace the iPhone X with Face ID issues, and the new internal document reveals that the process is now formalized.

IPhone users will likely be able to avail of a free fix if the issue persists. The new Battery Health Monitor introduced in this update also was slightly problematic for the battery issues. While two of them is expected to feature OLED screens, the third one is said to feature a LCD screen and is said to be the affordable one in the trio.

Apple fixed some issues in its next iOS 11.3.1 update, though some issues persisted. Users reported that their iPhone's battery is draining rapidly, not charging properly and also there were reports of excessive heat build up. Apple claims this support document is issued "in order to provide best customer experience".