Haspel offered to withdraw as nominee for Central Intelligence Agency chief: WP

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Haspel ultimately decided not to withdraw, and intensive prep sessions for her Wednesday confirmation hearing continued on Sunday.

Haspel met with White House officials on Friday to discuss her involvement in the interrogation programme during the George W. Bush administration that used techniques that were widely considered as "torture", and subsequent destruction of tapes that documented interrogations at a Central Intelligence Agency "black site", The Washington Post reported.

Ever since President Trump announced Haspel as his nominee, critics have pointed out her connections to an interrogation program.

These comments come after it was said that she wanted to withdraw her name to avoid bringing damage to the CIA's reputation, as reported the New York Times.

Trump learned of Haspel's offer Friday, calling officials from his trip to Dallas.

Haspel, one official said, was wary of suffering the same fate as failed veterans affairs nominee Ronny Jackson and of dredging up the CIA's troubled past.

Haspel faces some opposition in Congress because of her connection to the interrogation program, which was set up after the September 11, 2001, attacks. Another detainee also was waterboarded before Haspel's arrival.

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Haspel's nomination has encountered opposition over her role in a defunct program in which the agency detained and interrogated al Qaeda suspects in secret prisons overseas using techniques widely condemned as torture. She served almost entirely under-cover and even of her record is categorized.

Trump said that Democrats want to defeat Haspel's nomination because she is "too tough on terror". This really is when she's sold to draw, the officials mentioned. She is expected to reiterate that publicly this week.

On the opposing side are groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, which says she should have stood up against the interrogation practices then.

Earlier the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also -a bit overzealously- dashed to defend Trump's nominee, facing harsh criticism for playing the feminist and women's empowerment card way too openly.

"She is the best of the best", Sanders said of Haspel, describing her as a "patriot". "On Sunday afternoon, Ms. Haspel was prepping for the hearing with administration officials".

"She'll be at the hearing Wednesday morning". While answering mock questions from Congress, White House officials learned new information and became "concerned".