Google launches auto-complete sentences in Gmail

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At the opening keynote of Google's annual I/O developer conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Smart Compose, an upcoming feature that will finish entire sentences for you as you type.

Google Pay lets you quickly and easily request and send money through Gmail. You can take a look at the feature in action below.

Whereas Smart Reply offered some simple phrases you could select and then edit as required, Smart Compose suggests complete sentences as you type. Once that's done, they will need to go to Settings General and enable Experimental access.

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With the most recent edition of Gmail to get iOS, iPhone consumers will have the ability to benefit from this new snooze button which will permit them to put off mails that they can not read and/or reply straight away. Gmail users can send and request money from one of their contacts by tapping the same button they would hit to send an attachment and scrolling down the list. Gmail will automatically begin to offer suggestions for words and phrases you might be starting. The company cites an example of the suggested closing phase of "Have a great weekend!", if you happen to be composing an email and it's a Friday. If Spring's just sprung, Smart Compose might suggest "happy Spring!"

"Smart Compose won't yet learn from your personal style, but it will incorporate the context of the email subject and the previous email body (if the user is replying to an incoming email) to make better suggestions", the spokesperson said. If you're in the dead of winter, Smart Compose might suggest "stay warm out there!"