Google Maps and Google Lens giving more personal results

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Mind you, this number rating will take time to become more accurate so you want to check in with the app consistently when you go out.

Subscriptions to premium news outlets can now easily be done through Google News, without the need of manually putting in credit card and other information by the end-user, if so desired.

The first new feature that's heading to Google Maps this summer is the "For You" section. Here, users will be shown recommendations of places and businesses in their area, especially those that are brand new or are "trending" based on Google's data. Selecting a restaurant, meanwhile, will provide you with a "match", a score-out-of-one-hundred that tells you how likely you are to enjoy it.

The new "For you" tab offers a customised view of trending places in areas that you choose to view. This is particularly evident with a new "Your match" score that lets users see why such and such a place was recommend. Google has thought of this and has added in Group Planning tools.

North Korea Warns The United States
In addition, USA Today mentions Kim agreed to change the clocks in the North by a half hour to match the time zone in the South. On the possible release of three American detainees in the North , the White House official said he has "nothing to announce".

Google is not only making it easier to find new places you might be interested in, but also sharing those new hot spots with your contact list and much more. Besides directions, the mode also helps identify nearby places, so you have a better feel for the neighborhood. A user can open Camera with Google Maps navigation to launch what Google calls VPS (Visual Positioning System). The app which is actually meant for giving directions to its users, now, has an added responsibility to assist them in discovering the needed places like restaurants, malls, theatres etc. Google Maps say to go South on High Street, but how do you know which way is South, and if it is an unfamiliar location, how do you know which one is High Street?

Instead of a top-down map, users will be able to see the street in front of them through the camera, with an AR overlay arrow pointing the direction and distance.

"Your match" is a new fourth tab in Google Maps on Android and iOS.