Singaporean PM hails Trump-Kim summit as great step to peace

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We send our special thanks to the Swedish Ambassador to the DPRK, Ambassador Wendel, and his team for their tireless efforts on behalf of our citizens.On behalf of the State Department and the entire United States government, we wish these Americans and their families the best as they reconnect after this hard period apart.

Trump and Kim are expected to discuss the dismantlement of the regime's nuclear weapons program.

He said the U.S. wants to ensure that its efforts yield the end result, that North Korea should not become a threat to the world. Kim has repeatedly expressed his commitment to denuclearization, but it's unclear on what terms.

Singapore, nearly 3,000 miles south of Pyongyang, maintains diplomatic relations with North Korea which has an embassy and ambassador in the country.

Tensions between the US and North Korea have eased in recent months and Trump accepted the invitation for a face-to-face meeting with Kim back in March.

State media reported that "Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un warmly greeted Mike Pompeo and sincerely congratulated him on his recent official assumption as secretary of State". He met with Kim for the second time following a meeting in April.

The location and date of the summit - the first ever between a sitting USA president and a North Korean leader - were revealed hours after 3 American prisoners were released by North Korea and arrived back in the United States.

South Korea's government said it had high hopes.

Moon is scheduled to meet with Trump at the White House on May 22 to coordinate the allies' positions ahead of the U.S.

Trump and Kim will meet June 12 in Singapore.

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"Clearly, credit goes to President Trump", Kang told CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

Although U.S. officials considered meeting in the Korean demilitarized zone or Mongolia, Singapore ultimately won out because of its neutrality and infrastructure.

Pyongyang appeared to have made major advances in its quest to develop nuclear weapons, claiming that it possessed missiles capable of hitting mainland US.

"What Kim Jong Un has said publicly and in discussions is that he is prepared to negotiate to achieve complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula", he said.

Despite that, there is another conversation swirling around Trump, and it involves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mr Trump thanked Mr Lee for hosting the summit, added the ministry.

Conjecture over the venue has been going on for weeks, with Pyongyang, Mongolia, Sweden, Switzerland, Indonesia, and Thailand being named as possible places.

Singapore welcomed the news. "I believe that we have both sides want to negotiate a deal".

Neutral Singapore has long acted as a bridge between the United States and China, with successive prime ministers offering Oval Office occupants cherished geopolitical counsel.