Asteroid as big as football field will fly by Earth

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It is now hurtling through space at more than 46,000 kilometers per hour, but there will not be any threat to the population on Earth during the closest approach at 6:05 pm EDT, EarthSky reported. The jumbo jet-sized space rock is set to skim by Earth on Tuesday night. This isn't a particularly large Asteroid, it measures 197 to 427-feet.

Daniel Bamberger, at London's Northolt Branch Observatories, said: "We imaged this object twice".

2010 WC9 asteroid was detected by astronomers after it disappeared from view about eight years ago.

The Asteroid steps from 60 to 130 meters, also moves at a rate of over 28,000 miles per hour, reported on Saturday.

Later today, our planet will gain a fleeting visitor: an asteroid about the size of a city block will pass by at about half the distance to the moon.

An asteroid that's estimated to be the size of the Statue of Liberty will narrowly miss Earth as it passes by the planet on May 14. The space rock was only recently rediscovered. It's one of the closest approaches ever observed of an asteroid of this size.

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Orbit diagram for the near-Earth asteroid 2010 WC9, which will fly by Earth on May 15, 2018. The Arizona Catalina sky survey was first discovered on November 30, 2010, and astronomers watched until December 10, when it became too weak. It will not be visible to the naked eye but could get bright enough to be tracked by smaller amateur telescopes.

Even if 2010 WC9's actual size were close to the maximum estimate, the space rock wouldn't pose an existential threat to humanity; only space rocks about 0.6 miles (1 km) wide or larger are potential civilization-enders, NASA researchers have said.

"We plan to broadcast this asteroid to our Facebook page if the weather forecast remains positive".

"Our Astrometric information while this occurs, but the motion of the asteroid will happen every five minutes", explained Wells.

Asteroids are small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun.