Fortnite on the Switch Lacks PS4 Cross-Play Because Sony Is Stubborn

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Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch was released earlier this week, and like the Xbox One port before it, gamers are unable to compete against those on PlayStation 4 (although all consoles can play against gamers on the PC, macOS and iOS).

PS4 gamers hoping to parachute into Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch have probably noticed that their account progress doesn't carry over.

Sony put Insomniac Games in charge of "Spider-Man", Sucker Punch is developing "Ghost of Tsushima", and Naughty Dog is leading the way on "The Last Of Us Part II", but what's impressive is how all three of these games already show the level of polish fans have come to expect from a PlayStation 4 exclusive. "We have nothing further to add beyond this at this point", the Sony spokesperson finished. You also can't move from PS4 to Xbox One, but the Switch is probably a bigger deal, due to the fact that gamers can play on the go. Maybe don't spend your money in the PS4 version of the game if you also want to play it on Switch, though.

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The most important is the way you play, and your performances and your results". That's what we are trying to instill into the team. We know everything else comes on the back of that.

We doubt this will appease furious Fortnite fans who are lambasting Sony over its unwillingness to partake in cross-play with other consoles. These links leave Siliconera. Here are just a few of the user responses directed at Sony.

And despite the problems, Fils-Aime said the number of downloads of "Fortnite" onto the Switch has continued to skyrocket. The same is also true in reverse; a Fortnite account created on or connected to the Switch can't be accessed on the PS4 version of the game. You would think that Sony would have learnt some humility after their mistakes with the PS3, but apparently not. If you want top-flight games like "God of War" and "Horizon Zero Dawn", you need a PS4. Neither the Fortnite website nor Epic Customer Service are able to change this. Last year, when Microsoft made a decision to unite all versions of "Minecraft" in what it called the Better Together Update, Sony blocked it on the PS4 and said it was to protect younger gamers. Gaming is one of the most important art forms this planet can be a space that, in a world where we have way too many things that drive us apart, brings us together.

What has followed has been a fairly justified backlash towards Sony which we have now learned extends to the company's stock. Shares were down over 2 percent on Thursday, according to CNBC.