Jaguar escapes enclosure at New Orleans zoo, kills 6 animals

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It is not immediately clear how the animal escaped. The big cat went on a rampage before he was sedated at about 8.15am.

Zoo officials say Copper the fox, who was in critical condition following the attack, has died from his injuries.

The Audubon Zoo closed after a jaguar escaped from its habitat and killed six animals, according to a release from zoo officials, in New Orleans on Saturday. A fox, Maggie Mae, and an emu, Elmo, also died in the incident Saturday.

The zoo will open to the public again today, however the jaguar habitat will remain closed.

No explanation has been given for the jaguar's escape, but the zoo said an "after-action review" is taking place, as well as an investigation into how the jaguar escaped.

Zoo officials closed the park before it had opened for the day after the incident happened early in the morning
Jaguar escapes New Orleans zoo enclosure, killing 4 alpacas, an emu and a fox

From an initial inspection, the zoo said that it appears that the roof of the jaguar habitat was "compromised".

"We take this situation very seriously and we're working to investigate everything that happened so we could prevent anything like this from happening again, " Burks said.

Zoo curator Joel Hamilton said the jaguar will not be euthanised.

Despite sympathy for the lost animals, many online couldn't blame Valerio for doing what jaguars do. The jaguar was quickly located inside the zoo, tranquilized and returned to its sleeping quarters.

The zoo is offering grief counseling to their staff in response to the incident.

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