Trump tweets about secret Trump Tower meeting

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Donald Trump Jr's exposure to the Mueller investigation stems from a meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer promising damaging information on Hillary Clinton that he and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner attended at Trump Tower in July 2016.

"I think it's very important to point out that in a situation like this, you have- Over time, facts develop", he said later, adding: "I agreed to go on your network and others days within being retained on this and had a lot of information to process, I got that one wrong".

"Sir, I was a lawyer for the Obama campaign, transition and White House", Eisen wrote in response to Trump's early Sunday tweet.

The fact that Donald Trump Jr. attended a meeting with Russians for the goal of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton is not inconsistent with claims that the actual focus of the meeting was on other matters.

Trump was apparently responding to reporting from The Washington Post and other outlets that the president has been increasingly brooding in private about the Mueller probe, particularly as it relates to his son's possible entanglement in the investigation.

The Republican president had previously said the meeting was about the adoption of Russian children by Americans.

The declaration that the meeting was indeed to get information on Clinton does open the door to this meeting being an attempt by Russian Federation to influence the outcome of the election, and in spite of Trump's claim that it was legal, still opens the possibility of crimes having been committed.

Ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen has since reportedly claimed that President Trump knew in advance of that meeting, amid an ongoing spat in which Cohen has released a secret audio recording of his conversations with Trump.

Any legal battle over whether the president can be forced to testify could go all the way to the US Supreme Court, the lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said on ABC's This Week show.

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Stephanopoulos played a clip from July 2017 in which Sekulow denied any involvement from the president.

Sekulow also dismissed reports the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., is in trouble because of Mueller's probe.

Trump, however, has maintained he had no prior knowledge about the meeting. The surprising claim in Trump's tweet is that it is legal for a campaign to get information from a foreign entity about a political opponent. At the time, Trump and his White House had falsely claimed that he had only offered his input into the crafting of the statement.

"The question is how will it be illegal?" He quickly replied, "if it's what you say I love it".

One part of Mueller's inquiry and congressional investigations has focused on a meeting months before the November election in Trump Tower in NY between Russian officials, Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, and other campaign aides. As an analysis by the University of Kentucky Election Law Society clearly explains, under us law, "any contribution by a foreign national to the campaign of an American candidate for any election, state or national, is illegal", and any campaign of a candidate who accepts foreign aid is committing a crime.

Donald Jr. said later he realised the meeting was primarily aimed at lobbying against the 2012 Magnitsky sanctions law, which led to Moscow denying Americans the right to adopt Russian orphans. If true, it would also mean that Donald Trump Jr. lied about his father's knowledge of this to congressional investigators. Paul Manafort, who ran Trump's campaign at a crucial time leading into the Republican National Convention, is now on trial on charges concerning his previous business activities that grew out of Mueller's probe.

Sekulow said the important thing was that Trump's legal team shared accurate information with the special counsel.

The attorney said that that was when Trump started calling him a "third-rate lawyer".