Yemeni officials say Saudi-led airstrikes kill 28 in Hodeida

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The attacks, which were also denounced by a senior UN official, come as the United Nations has said it will invite warring sides in Yemen for talks on September 6 in Geneva to discuss a framework for peace negotiations.

A member of the political wing of Yemen's Huthi rebels said Saturday the insurgents were willing to attend United Nations -brokered talks, although they had low expectations of a positive outcome.

Government forces, backed by a Saudi-led coalition, have been advancing in the area in recent weeks as they battle Iran-allied rebels known as Houthis.

On July 26, Saudi Arabia said it was temporarily suspending oil shipments through the Bab Al Mandab Strait - one of the world's busiest shipping lanes - after two oil tankers operated by Saudi shipping group Bahri were attacked, slightly damaging one vessel.

The Houthis, a militant political movement based on the Zaidi branch of Shia Islam, today controls the city and most of the country's densely populated north, including the capital of Sanaa.

Yesterday at least 52 people died and more than a hundred were injured in an air raid carried out by the Saudi-backed coalition against the port city of Hodeidah, in the western part of the country.

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With logistical support from the U.S., Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been carrying out attacks inside Yemen since March 2015 in an attempt to reinstate the internationally recognised government of President Abu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi who was overthrown by fighters from the Houthi tribe. "The Houthi militia are behind killing of civilians in Hodeidah on Thursday", he said.

"The unilateral halt in naval military operations will be for a limited time period and could be extended and include all fronts if this move is reciprocated by the leadership of the [Saudi-led] coalition", SRC head Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said.

There were no comments yet from the Saudi-led coalition.

Saudi Arabia says the Houthis are using the seaport to bring in weapons from Iran. Several Western countries, the USA and Britain in particular are also accused of being complicit in the ongoing aggression as they supply Saudi Arabia with advanced weapons and military equipment as well as logistical and intelligence assistance.

About 70 percent of Yemen's food imports flow through Hodeidah port; about 8.4 million Yemenis are said by aid workers to be on the verge of starvation.

Coalition sea vessels and ground troops have been involved in the Hodeidah offensive as well, according to Saudi state media.