New Moon Poised To Reveal Spectacular Perseids 'Shooting Stars'

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The darker the sky the more meteors you will see. This picture, taking in the Milky Way, was taken in Tannourine, LebanonJOSEPH EID/AFP/GETTY IMAGESA girl in Kozjak settles in for the long haul.

Of course, the one other thing you need to view the meteors is clear skies, and, as usual in the Northwest, it will be a challenge.

The meteors can be traced to the Perseus constellation, from which they get their name, which will climb in the northeastern sky as the evening passes. Wherever you are this weekend, do not forget to look up.

The Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend and viewing conditions should be spectacular in mid-Missouri.

"The origin of the Perseid meteor shower is explained by tiny particles originating from a comet called Swift-Tuttle".

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Temperatures can reach as high as 10,000F (5,537F) as meteors - most of which are no bigger than a grain of sand - travel across the sky at speeds of 36 miles a second.

Whilst meteors can be seen on any night, at certain times of the year their numbers drastically increase. And experts believe it may be the best meteor shower of 2018.

Watching the shower doesn't require any special equipment, but viewers should stay find a spot away from artificial light, and NASA recommends allowing about 30 minutes without light-including your smartphone!-for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

Stargazers who want to see the show without risking mosquito bites can also watch the meteor shower on a live stream here.

One of the three strongest meteor showers, Perseids will be visible all over India and seen throughout the night.