Pentagon: China is 'likely training' for strikes against US targets

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As per the annual report sent to Congress, China is working on increasing its ability to fly bombers planes further afield.

Last year, PLA bombers flew a dozen operational flights through such routes as the Sea of Japan, into the Western Pacific, around Taiwan, and over the East and South China seas, according to the paper.

As reported by South China Morning Post, the military base in Guam and other bases of the U.S. and allied forces could be targeted by the Chinese bombers in case of a war.

"The deployment and integration of nuclear-capable bombers would, for the first time, provide China with a nuclear "triad" of delivery systems dispersed across land, sea, and air".

The report also points to China developing "increasingly advance military capabilities meant to coerce Taiwan" in an attempt to maintain its "one China" policy.

According to the latest update the most high-profile area - the South China Sea is already claimed by China along with other countries.

About it it is spoken in published on the website of the Pentagon report on China's military.

In an article released yesterday, Reuters outlines recent events in the conflict between China and the United States.

It has come to light that the U.S. authorities are anxious about China's growing influence in the Pacific.

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Hundreds of military vehicles carrying advanced weaponry including drones, early warning radar, howitzers and air defence missiles participated in the PLA manoeuvre, state-run China Central Television (CCTV) reported on August 11.

President Xi Jinping a year ago ordered the modernisation of the PLA, which at nearly 1.0m troops is the world's largest standing ground force.

The call has alarmed China's neighbours, several of whom are embroiled in tense border disputes with the superpower.

The PLA has also expanded its space program.

With almost a million troops, the PLA is the largest standing ground force in the world.

Pentagon's report says: "The objective of these reforms is to create a more mobile, modular, lethal ground force capable of being the core of joint operations".

The defence budget of China in 2028 will grow to more than $240 billion. The news comes from a new report from the Pentagon released on Thursday.

Key to this expanding footprint is China's "Belt and Road" initiative that seeks to bolster ties with other nations through lending and infrastructure deals.

But backed by its growing economic, diplomatic and military clout, China is increasingly willing to employ "coercive measures" to advance its interests.