Sacha Baron Cohen's Interview with OJ Simpson: Nothing but Cringeworthy

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The season finale of Sacha Baron Cohen's much-hyped show Who is America? is set to air Sunday night, and a promo for the episode revealed a surprise guest: O.J.

O.J. didn't take quite the bait, but it was pretty close as Sacha went undercover as fictional Italian playboy Gio Monaldo and joked about killing his gf, who pretended she had no idea who Simpson was. that is until Sacha makes knife-to-throat gestures. Gio tried to refresh her memory by explaining that he was a "Buffalo Bill" and appeared in the "Naked Gun" movies. That is, until Baron Cohen made a stabbing motion to the woman's neck, jogging her memory.

It's some cringeworthy stuff, especially when Monaldo brought in an Italian girlfriend who knew Simpson not for his acting or athletic career, but only for his reputation as a cold-blooded killer.

After Christina left the room, Simpson told Monaldo that she was "gorgeous". OJ laughs but asks Cohen to stop.

"Maybe I send her on a bungee jump. oops, the cord!"

"Me and you, we got something in common", Baron Cohen said.

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Whether it's worth diving into the O.J. saga yet again and paying him to do so is up for debate, as are numerous things Baron Cohen did over Who Is America?

"Cohen also responded to Palin in a letter written in character as Ruddick, writing: "I only fought for my country once - when I shot a Mexican who came onto my property".

"If I do (kill her), you introduce to me (Johnnie) Cochran", Baron Cohen joked.

In case you are a mere tween, totally ignorant or were fortunately sheltered from the heart-wrenching spectacle of the OJ Simpson case, we'll sum it up briefly.

Unlike some other celebrities and politicians - including Roy Moore, Joe Arpaio, Dick Cheney, and more - Simpson didn't fall for Baron Cohen's tricks.

One point Simpson's lawyer really wanted to stress is that his client believes this week should be all about John McCain and the debt Americans owe to the late senator, who died over the weekend after a battle with glioblastoma. "We had been divorced and separated". "You didn't kill him too, did you?" Host Robin Roberts even pointed out that Palin was inadvertently giving a show she hated free publicity.