Shooting breaks out at California's Del Mar race track

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No other injuries were reported.

The shooting was just before 6:40 the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

- A San Diego sheriff's's deputy shot a man at the Del Mar racetrack who officials say pulled out a gun and fired it at the ticket window after he learned that rapper Ice Cube's concert had been sold out. Sheriffs then tased the suspect and opened fire when that did not stop him. The wounded suspect was taken to a hospital in an unknown condition, the report said.

Commentators could be heard screaming "there's gunfire at the track" as the race took the place.

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Seconds after the horses in Del Mar's 10th and final race crossed the finish line, gunshots were fired outside the track's fountain admission gate, according to numerous reports.

No further details were immediately available.

The racetrack tweeted less than an hour later that the situation has been contained and the concert was moving forward. The man pulled out a silver plated semi-automatic handgun and fired several shots into a crowded area.

The incident at Del Mar Fairgrounds occurred at approximately 7pm (local time), just before the commencement of an Ice Cube concert following the raceday. Broadcasters calling the race live reportedly began shouting, "There's gunfire at the track, there's gunfire at the track", before cutting out the audio, The Blast reports. In light of the circumstances that unfolded involving one individual with a gun, we take consolation in the fact that no patrons, officers or security personnel were injured in the incident.