Elon Musk smokes weed on Joe Rogan podcast

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Shares of Tesla were down as much as 10 percent in early Friday trade, the biggest percent drop for the company since June 2016.

Investors have been on Mr. Musk's increasingly wild ride for some time now and it appears as though things aren't getting any smoother any time soon.

First, about that joint: The toke came in the midst of Musk's appearance on "The Joe Rogan Experience," hosted by Rogan, a stand-up comedian, reality-TV star and martial-arts commentator who's built up a huge following for his video podcast.

But Musk replies, "I mean, it's legal, right?"

Soon after, Musk changed his mind and said he decided the company would remain public.

The interview took place in California, where both medical and recreational use is allowed, but it is still illegal on the federal level.

Musk caused jitters for shareholders last month when he announced, out of the blue, that he was planning to make the company private, before backtracking and saying it would remain public.

At this point, you have either made your peace with it and want to let Tesla's genius just be himself; or you've been wondering how on earth (that giant, lightly crusted ball of lava) the stock price has defied the onslaught of missed targets, tantrums, the tent, Pedo-Gate, and the take-private-yeah?-nah fiasco. Several followers questioned if it was against the company's policy, while others mocked the CEO's initial $420 bid, a number that has become code for marijuana. Shortly after, HR head Gabrielle Toledano, who'd taken a leave of absence last month, also said she wouldn't return.

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The departure of top executives has prompted scrutiny.

Tesla has long faced frequent executive turnover as the company faces intense pressure to succeed.

Tesla did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.

The spring and summer were full of drama for Musk, as he tussled in person and online with analysts, short-sellers and a British diver who helped rescue a team of boys trapped in a cave in Thailand. His interviews have grown more emotional, including a recent New York Times profile that described Musk in tears (Musk denied it). According to the report, board members were concerned that the drug doesn't work for him sometimes and "instead contributes to late-night Twitter sessions". Virgin Group founder Richard Branson reportedly encouraged parents to smoke joints with their children.

Musk told Rogan that he has a design for an electric airplane, which he thinks would be better than current planes because it would be capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and supersonic flight at high altitudes.

Rogan asked Musk about The Boring Company, which Musk said started as a " joke", mostly borne out of his desperation to fix L.A.'s notoriously bad traffic problem.

The tech entrepreneur ruled out the prospect of flying cars, saying they would be too noisy and impractical.