Trump touts Puerto Rico response as Hurricane Florence looms

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POTUS seems to be forgetting the fact there was nearly ZERO electricity or clean water on the island for several months - factors that increased deaths according to several investigative reports. "I trust that this process was carried out properly", he said.

He also said the Democrats were "trying to make [him] look bad" by reporting the high numbers of deaths.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., released a statement calling for the president to apologize.

Mr. Trump claimed the prepared for Hurricane Florence, which he described as "tremendously big and tremendously wet".

Now, there are serious questions to be asked about whether the Trump administration's response to Maria was sufficient and whether malfeasance largely rested with the local authorities.

Trump said Tuesday that Tropical Storm Isaac, which had been downgraded from hurricane status overnight, now poses a threat to Puerto Rico. That led the cable news coverage that evening, further angering the president, according to one of the people.

"Only Donald Trump could see the tragedy in Puerto Rico and conclude that he is the victim". The figure of 2,975 came from a study by George Washington University, which incorporated the longer-term effects of the natural disaster, such as low-income residents and elderly people who didn't have access to adequate food, water, and other resources to begin with.

A report published in May by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health said up to 4,600 people were killed and an investigation published in December by the Center for Investigative Journalism found the actual death toll exceeded 1,000 people. FEMA proceeded award a $156 million contract to a company that promised to provide 30 million meals to Puerto Rico; only 50,000 were ever delivered.

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San Juan Mayor Carmen Cruz responded to Trump's comments Thursday morning in a series of messages on Twitter.

The president spoke before meeting with aides about preparations for Hurricane Florence, which is expected to hit the Carolinas and Virginia later this week.

"We're talking about the fact that this government allowed its own citizens to die", Hostin said.

So, how was the count from Puerto Rico actually obtained?

But Trump, that official said, was unwilling to admit even internally that more needed to be done on the island. "While some weakening is expected on Thursday, Florence is forecast to be an extremely risky major hurricane as it approaches the US coast".

The panel seemed to agree that Trump hasn't done very much to convince the Puerto Rican people he really sympathizes with them.

Puerto Rico didn't restore power across the island until last month, meaning some residents on the island lacked power for almost a year after the hurricane.