Spoiler Alert! Did Roseanne Reveal How "The Conners" Get Rid of Her?

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Roseanne Barr said her namesake character will be killed off during the upcoming spinoff "The Conners" in the wake of the controversy surrounding Barr's derogatory tweets.

You may remember that Roseanne was suffering a pain pill addiction and in the last episode, she had a secret stash of pills hiding from her husband and family.

Despite its success, the sitcom was canceled after its star posted a series of racist and otherwise insensitive tweets criticizing former Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, billionaire George Soros and former first daughter Chelsea Clinton. "I did that to everyone's feeling who were hurt or who misunderstood me", Barr responded. "Oh ya, they killed her".

"They had her die of an opium-or a opioid overdose".

"Well, I want to be able to learn Hebrew, speak Hebrew fluently", she said.

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Barr made it clear she was not happy with her character's fate saying it was disrespectful to fans "who loved that family" on the original series. That's in stark contrast to what she tweeted in May.

"We are not gonna have you come on this show and have you defend yourself and have you plea for the American people to forgive you..." "I did walk away, so people can keep their jobs".

On getting fired from the show: "It physically defeated me, and I was just leveled. I'm someone who is interested in healing my own soul".

Watch Barr talk about her Ambien use in the clip below. It's done, it's over, there's no fight left.

Of course, Barr could be wrong, or ABC could still change the storyline before The Conners premiere on October 16.