Cosby defence team alleges ‘most racist and sexist trial’

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Disgraced television icon Bill Cosby was handcuffed and taken into custody on Tuesday, September 25, to begin a minimum 3-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting a woman at his Philadelphia mansion 14 years ago.

Ahead of the sentencing, Constand wrote a five-page letter to the court explaining how Cosby's assault - and the ensuing legal battle - had changed her life. "Judgment day has come", said Gloria Allred in a press appearance while it rained. "The day has come, the time has come".

Cosby declined the opportunity to address the court before the judge retreated to his chambers around noon to weigh the sentence.

In the interim, Cosby is being sent to Montgomery County Prison near Trooper, be processed. Cosby was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom in his shirt and braces. "He's not sorry? He's not sorry at all?" said Kathy Mckee, one of Cosby's accusers in response to the sentence on CNN.

His lawyers have already vowed to appeal the conviction.

The 81-year-old was convicted April 26 by a Norristown, Pennsylvania, jury of seven men and five women, after a previous trial ended in a mistrial in June 2017.

Constand's was the only case that was within the statute of limitations, and is so far the only criminal case filed against him.

In a victim impact statement read in court, Constand described the harrowing toll that Cosby's assault took, essentially ruining her chances of ever having a normal life.

Cosby's defence is pushing instead for house arrest.

The judge ruled on Cosby's "sexually violent predator" status after a psychologist for the state testified that the entertainer appears to have a mental disorder that gives him an uncontrollable urge to have sex with women without their consent.

How did Christine Ford not remember her "lifelong friend" in her letter?
It will not include other witnesses nor has it been decided whether staff attorneys or senators will ask the questions. Meanwhile, Republicans viewed Ms Ford's requests as a way to delay voting on President Donald Trump's nominee.

Cosby pleaded not guilty to charges that he drugged Constand with qualuudes, an illegal sedative, and sexually assaulted her at his home near Philadelphia in January 2004.

Citing Cosby's frailty and blindness, his lawyers had asked for house arrest rather than prison time.

The Cosby Show - which ran from 1984-92 - "introduced America to a way of seeing black people and black culture that they had not seen before", she proclaimed in 2013. More than 50 other women also have accused him of sexual abuse going back decades, with most too old to prosecute.

"Nobody is above the law", Steele said.

Constand, who is now a massage therapist in Canada, testified during the trial in April and in an earlier trial previous year that ended with a hung jury, that she had become friends with Cosby, and viewed him as a mentor. He will be classified as a "sexually violent predator" for the remainder of his life.

"We are the floodgates", said Victoria Valentino, who has accused Cosby of drugging and raping her. "He robbed me of my health and vitality, my open nature, and my trust in myself and others".

"Equal justice under the law does not allow different treatment because of who he is", Judge O'Neill said.

Cosby's publicist remained defiant, accusing the district attorney of using "falsified evidence" and denying his boss the right to a fair trial.

"Bill Cosby took my attractive, healthy young spirit and crushed it", she wrote.