Meghan Markle's most down-to-earth moments since becoming a royal

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There for the opening of a new solo exhibition, she composes herself, then steps out of the vehicle dressed in Givenchy to greet her host (a museum employee, we're guessing) and the zillions of event photogs with cameras all on her.

While what she did may seem like what any other person would do, her actions became a hot topic on social media as Markle apparently broke royal protocol.

"When Meghan Markle closes her vehicle door she gets called humble and relatable, but when I do it I'm "slamming the door too hard", another wrote.

In proof that literally anything she does can (and will) be turned into a headline, Meghan Markle has sparked a tizzy among royal watchers by. closing a auto door.

FROM Hollywood actress, to royalty - the last few years have certainly been a whirlwind for Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

This was Meghan's first royal event without her husband Prince Harry.

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When the Duchess of Sussex arrived at the event, the auto door was opened, she got out of the vehicle, and shook hands with the hosts before swiftly shutting the auto door.

Of course, for most of us, closing a auto door is no big deal. "Meghan out here not needin no man to shut her door for her [sic]".

A new royal documentary that features Meghan, 37, had viewers questioning if she was already losing her American accent.

She is adored by the public and shadowed at every appearance by the press.

Some praised Meghan for being so "down to earth" and "humble" as to close her own doors rather than leaving it to minders (on that note, the man who opened the door for her appears to walk forward in preparation to close it). Meghan wants other women to feel comfortable and be themselves, not conform to hackneyed stereotypes, but she needs to lead by real example, not auto door handle moments. According to the etiquette expert "she's going to be doing things her way and helping to adapt and progress the British Monarchy'".

Her pared-back outfits allow the causes she champions and people she meets to take centre stage, they argued.