Lindsay Lohan Punched As 'She Accuses Family Of Child Trafficking'

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Right off the bat, she comes across as condescending, trying to show off how kind she is the world via social media and exploiting a homeless family.

The actress initially offers to take the two young boys to a hotel to watch a film and suggests the children should not be "on the floor".

In the video shared on Instagram, the actress is seen approaching a family of four. "They really need help", says Lohan, who seems under the influence of mind-altering substances. Speaking to the kid Lohan said, "Do you wanna stay in the hotel tonight? Come with me. I'll take care of you guys", Lohan said in both Arabic and English.

This is when Lohan begins insisting that the two children come with her to a hotel room to watch movies, leaving their parents behind. She offered the children in the family to go with her to watch TV and movies.

She says, "This is my auto right here"-presumably to the kids-and follows the family, saying, "They're trafficking children", when a woman's voice is heard closing in and Lohan gasps audibly while the camera shakes".

"If someone is offering them a home and a bed, which is me at the moment, give it to them", Lohan continues. No, they will come back to you.

As they start walking past her, she begins following then and accusing them of trafficking their children.

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She then appears to become involved in a physical altercation with the mother who hits her in the face. "I literally can't. I don't think I can ever change what I want..."

The run-in with the family began innocently enough on Friday evening, with the actress hopping out of a auto - it's unclear if she's in Paris or Moscow, as some have said - and telling her viewers about the family.

"I won't go until I take you", she can be heard saying.

"They're trafficking children." Lohan says before threatening them. "I won't leave until I take you", Lohan says while trailing the family, peppering the conversation with Arabic and Russian words. She maintains that she was trying to help though her tears, before adding, "I'm just, like, so scared".

Nauseated by the self-righteousness of Americans like @lindsaylohan and their laughable "White Savior" impulses: "Let me saaaave you!"

There were those who were not surprised, while others struggled to get used to the reality with "kidnapper" Lohan.