Tom Hardy's Venom Gets Mixed Early Reactions From Movie Critics

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Comics Explained spoke to both Hardy and co-star Riz Ahmed about Venom. And the reviews are really not kind.

Riz Ahmed plays inventor Carlton Drake in the movie, who is experimenting with the alien "symbiote" that invades the physiology of Hardy's investigative reporter Eddie Brock. It's time studios learned that less in so much more; with films such as this it can ruin the viewing experience.

Collin begins his write-up hilariously confused that Sony would pin their hopes on such an unappealing character, one "who looks like someone drizzled Creme Egg filling onto a bin bag". "It used to be one thing, but now it's many things".

Some critics despised the movie, calling it a "complete failure" and a "tonal mess".

Sony is looking to kick-off their own comic book cinematic Universe focusing on the villains of Spider-Man rather than the web-swinging hero himself.

That means critics and fans that got to see the movie early can share their opinions of the film now, and the internet seems to be torn between whether Venom is dope, or if it's straight trash.

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That's not necessarily a nostalgia-fuelled positive though, and Prudon expands her argument by saying the film "relies on adolescent humor and gross-out gags". "But if Sony wants to advance further with his Spider-Verse, he should just keep the few parts that work and swing all the rest, a very large part of it". Why did an Oscar nominee like Michelle Williams take on a role that didn't have any notes? Tom Hardy is pretty phenomenal.

'So, I thought that he would be an exciting guy to get into the ring with.

"There are, like, 30 to 40 minutes" worth of scenes that aren't in this movie ... all of them, ' he said when asked in an interview with ComicsExplained about the moves he most liked to film.

"There's an element of original Ghostbusters, a slightly '80s retro vibe to it, which I enjoyed, and a bit of Teen Wolf and American Werewolf in London touch to it", Hardy said.

Watch the latest trailer for Venom and then browse the social media reactions below.

Hardy previously revealed to RTÉ Entertainment how he took inspiration from Conor McGregor for the character of Eddie Brock in Venom, saying it was largely because the Irish MMA fighter "wants to have a scrap with everybody". But the truth [of it] is everything we wanted is in the story.