"SNL" Recreates Kanye West's Awkward White House Trump Meeting

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"One time, he was the musical guest, but we heard he wanted to do a sketch, so we pitched him a sketch where he would interrupt different award show speeches saying they had made a mistake and he should have won". I nearly put my Super Man cape on, cause this means you can't tell me what to do. This ain't programmed."The father of three says he's not insane, as he's been portrayed: "It's all part of a system to control your mind".

Kanye West is on a quest to find renewed musical inspiration in the motherland. West, who unlike many overseas celebrity is a supporter of the American President, had a discussion about prison reform, the development of United States industry and the fight against crime.

"I've got an incredible lunch to get to, but first I'm sure that Kanye wants to make one or two brief, lucid remarks", Baldwin said.

"A lot of people are surprised Kanye supports Donald Trump, but I am not because I have met Kanye, and I am incapable of being surprised by him", Meyers said.

"Oh, this guy might be cuckoo", Trump thought to himself.

The cold open began with Baldwin's Trump giving a brief disclaimer that West's appearance was "in no way a publicity stunt" but a "serious, private conversation between three friends - plus 50 reporters with cameras".

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"I love you Kanye", Baldwin's Trump responded.

Speaking to radio host Big Boy about his last album, also called 'Ye', he said: "I believe "ye" is the most commonly used word in the bible, and in the bible it means "you".

Good haul all round, I'd say.

In Uganda, Kim and Kanye went on holiday in one of the national parks, but a meeting with the President, it seems, are at West a habit.

Thompson also got a chance to explore Brown's inner monologue through voiceover in the sketch, wondering, among other things, if it was possible for a person to be "tri-polar".

He adds to his social media bashing by saying it told us all Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency, and claims social media falsely wants you to believe people don't like him when in fact.