Thousands sign petition to move Halloween to Saturday

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Think back to your childhood days of Halloween festivities; you'd run home from school after a day packed with Halloween activities, and eagerly await your parent's vehicle pulling up in the driveway with takeout steaming up the windows.

Now one group has launched a petition for Halloween to be moved to the last Saturday every October. the petition addressed to the white house already has more than 41,000 signatures and it's growing fast.

Billing a "safer, longer, stress-free celebration!" the petition, which is directly addressed President Trump, cites statistics to help its case.

It's called the "Saturday Halloween Movement".

"Unfortunately, a lot of children are injured every year from vehicle accidents and other related injuries", Kevin Johnson, a representative from the association, told CTV Ottawa on Tuesday.

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He shall visit the Museum and Exhibition, and the Viewers' Gallery. The total cost of the project is estimated to be Rs3,000 Crore.

"Halloween is not just about trick or treating! It would be a whole fun day".

The costume association behind the petition recognizes support would never be absolute.

Heidi turned up to her 19th Annual Halloween Party at Lavo, New York in a Princess Fiona costume, a character from 2001's hit movie, Shrek.

The U.S. petition advises parents to talk about safety, such as planning a route and staying on sidewalks, with their children before they head out for the night.

Fiona was many fans' guess from early on, but on Halloween it was obvious what Klum would be dressing as when she shared a video of her full facial prosthetics and makeup being done. Honestly, she looks so much like the real Morticia from The Addams Family that we had to do a double take!