Google Wants Developers To Use Dark Mode, To Save Battery Life

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As white uses all the display's various components to shine, it uses the most power. And with Dark Mode on the new Amoled panels that actually turn off the pixels in the dark, a lot of battery is saved. This is something Google reiterated during its Android Dev Summit this week.

Another chart projected by Google showed that in regular mode, a screenshot of Google Maps at maximum brightness consumes 250mA of battery power on an AMOLED screened Pixel handset, compared to 230mA of battery power used on an LCD-screened Apple iPhone 7.

Generally, when you increase the screen's brightness, it affects the battery life of the device.

Lately Google have introduced a night mode to their phones to ease strain on the eyes at late hours of the day but it also can decrease power usage by up to 63%. LCD displays, on the other hand, have a backlight that's always shining, even when displaying the colour black. However, it's a long way from here to having the system-wide option (or even the option in all apps) to go dark.

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Funnily enough, Google acknowledged that it had made a mistake in encouraging app developers to use the colour white for their apps, including Google's own apps.

There aren't many popular third-party apps that support dark theme (are you listening Facebook?), but Twitter isn't one of them. When an OLED screen displays black, it doesn't really display anything. So if you're serious about saving battery, dark mode on YouTube is definitely worth toggling on. Developers will also be given tools to help steer you towards installing more urgent updates, with in-app notifications to run updates immediately.

Moving on, your Google Maps also has a dark theme. Many of Google's partners have been going dark on its skins for different devices. The official Google Dialer, Messaging, News, and YouTube apps all have configurable dark modes now. One hopes that the transparency of its reporting will extend more fulsomely to China in the future, since almost 1 in 5 people on Earth call it home.

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