Apple devices are about to invade Amazon

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Often, you would have even noticed that Apple products on Amazon are listed for higher price than other retailers. An additional source of angst was Apple's decision to stop reporting the unit sales of phones, given that its long-term focus is shifting toward service-based revenue and away from hardware.

As part of the new partnership, Amazon will sell Apple's new iPhone devices like the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr, as well as the new iPad Pro and Apple Watch Series 4. They will join select MacBook models on the Amazon platform. Buyers can now expect exciting deals, discounts and offers that Amazon is largely known for. For example, current Apple product sellers on Amazon will have their listings removed, and they'll be forced to apply to be one of the company's previously-mentioned authorized resellers.

Are you going to be purchasing a new Apple product this holiday season? Sellers with remaining inventory in Amazon warehouses will have to create a removal order, with the online retail giant offering to reimburse return or disposal fees until February 4, 2019. Today Amazon sells the Apple TV with no issues.

If you've experienced any of this, Apple encourages you to find an authorized service provider, set up an appointment at an Apple Store or contact the company's technical support teams, who will assess the phone.

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Now Apple has announced that customers can have a free screen replacement, with customers who have already paid for the fix able to request a refund.

Prior to the agreement, just a limited selection of Apple devices were available directly through Amazon.

Amazon won't be selling Apple's HomePod, the iPhone maker's competitor to Amazon's popular Echo brand of home wireless speakers.

The world's largest e-commerce company said it will start selling dramatically more of Apple's devices.