Samsung Electronics to release first foldable smartphone in March

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The outlook came after Samsung Electronics President Koh Dong-jin, who heads the mobile business, said last week that the company will release a foldable smartphone within the first half of 2019. It will decide based on the market's response if production is to be ramped up thereafter.

A new version of the foldable phone will be unveiled every year like Samsung's flagship phones, such as the Galaxy S9. It only offered a look at the foldable display as the actual device was obscured in a black box.

Koh made the remarks in a press conference, though he said he could not give a release date for the foldable phone. Industry sources claim that Samsung hasn't decided on a price for the device. Alongside having plans for the Galaxy M-series models, the South Korean giant was already reported to be set to kill its Galaxy J-series family and integrate its price points into the Galaxy A family.

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The phone is expected to cost $1,770 (KRW 2 million in its homeland), which will limit sales to the “moneys no object” early adopter crowd. Furthermore, manufacturing the foldable AMOLED panel isn't exactly going to be cheap.

It appears, depending on market acceptable, 2019 will really be the year folding devices will hit the mainstream, hopefully forever blurring the line between phone and tablet and making us a lot more productive on the mobile device in our pocket.

While you will likely have to wait a tad longer for One UI to reach your phone, a recent leak from Twitter adds the Galaxy S8 to the list as well.