See the giant cow that's taking over your social media feeds

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"So it turns out The Big Cow (technically a steer but shut up) is being shown surrounded by waygu cattle, which are, as we say in the business, 'a petite moo.'" writes Twitter user Karla Pacheco.

The owner, who explained that the animal's unusual name came from his close friendship with a Brahman steer named Bra, said Knickers had found a new role on the farm leading the other animals.

Knickers, a 7-year-old male Holstein-Friesian cow, clocks in at a whopping six feet three inches tall - just three inches shy of National Basketball Association legend Michael Jordan - and weighs 3,086 pounds, earning him the unofficial title of largest steer in Australia. That makes him heavier than some cars and taller than some National Basketball Association players. That's about double the weight and over a foot and a half taller than that of an average sized Holstein Friesian cow, according to the Holstein Association.

"Obviously the bulls and the steers are also going to grow larger as we select larger genetics".

Thanks to its size, the mammoth Knickers managed to stay out of the slaughterhouse due to the mere fact that he was too big to fit through the processing plant.

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Knickers the 6ft 4in steer towers over his herd in Western Australia.

Meet Knickers - Australia's biggest cow.

Pearson can offer no suggestion on why he became so big: "We don't know that ourselves", he said. But both he and Knickers are smaller than Italian chianina ox Bellino who has reached 6 feet 7 inches.

We chat to Knickers' owner Geoff Pearson on The Project, 6.30 tonight on 10! "He's just one of those standout steers and always has been a standout steer, and he lived to see the day", Pearson told CBS' Network Ten.