Google’s Renowned Project Fi Wireless Service Is Finally Coming to iPhone

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Google has announced that "Digital Wellbeing" tool will be extended to other devices aside from ones using Android One and Pixel, but when this will be has not yet been disclosed.

Phones made by Samsung, OnePlus, Apple, and others might now work on Google Fi, but there will be limitations. That's changing today: the company is adding support for a whole lot more phones, including official iPhone compatibility for the first time.

Project Fi's biggest problem has always been the limited device support, but, along with the rebrand, Google says Fi "now works with the majority of Android devices and iPhones". However, if you are living in the US, Google Fi could help in eliminating your connectivity woes.

Other features from the new Google Fi MVNO include free global roaming, access to 2 million secure Wi-Fi hotspots and data protection through a Google VPN. What's more, iPhone users will now be able to sign up for service with Project Fi thanks to a new iOS app currently in beta. In the rare instance that someone uses more than 15GB in a single billing period, remaining cellular data may be throttled but is still free. But in general, iPhones will have access to calls, texts, and data powered by T-Mobile's network. For global roaming, Google Fi users are charged the same price as at home.

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Fi, the phone service Google launched more than three years ago, is finally expanding to a broader range of devices, including Apple's iPhones.

As recap, Fi operates primarily on the T-Mobile and Sprint Networks, offers a truly sensible data plan in which you just pay for what you use, and has some clever techniques to switch between Wi-Fi and LTE to maximize your phone's data performance. Unlimited calling and texting start at $20 / month.

If you're familiar with Fi, you know that it uses multiple networks and Wi-Fi as part of its plan. If you want the full power of Fi's multi-carrier network, you will still need to buy one of the above "Fi-compatible" devices.

But despite the simplicity and appealing pricing, Google Fi wasn't very useful because it only worked with a very small number of phones, namely from Motorola and Google's own Pixel line. Google is offering up to $999 in travel gift cards with the purchase of a phone and trade-in credit if you turn in an old device.