Ex-Police Officer Charged With Murder in Shooting Unarmed Neighbor

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Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who authorities say shot and killed a man in his own home, has now been indicted on murder charges.

I want to thank the Dallas community for the persons who have been rallying with us during this most hard time, my county St Lucia, the entire population of St Lucia has been on alert with the expectation that the grand jury would have returned an indictment for murder.

During a news conference Friday, Jean family attorney Lee Merritt thanked the grand jury and said murder was the appropriate charge.

The grand jury had the option of indicting Guyger on the original manslaughter count carrying up to 20 years in prison, or not indicting her at all, but in the end, they made a decision to indict her on the upgraded murder charge.

A former Dallas police officer who walked into an unarmed man's apartment on September 6 and shot him while wearing her police uniform has been indicted on a charge of murder.

A former police officer in Dallas, in the southwestern US state of Texas, was charged Friday with murder in the shooting death of her unarmed black neighbor.

Botham's Jean's death at the hands of the Dallas police officer made global headlines and sparked protests in Dallas where he lived, as well as vigils and emotional ceremonies there and in his native Saint Lucia.

Guyger was arrested in September for shooting Jean and initially charged with manslaughter, a lesser offense for an unlawful killing that does not involve malice aforethought.

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Guyger's attorney, Robert Rogers, said the indictment was probably fueled by political pressure, and that his client's actions were justified, according to The Morning News. Court documents have varied on the story of how Guyger got Jean's door open. Jean lived on the fourth floor of the apartment complex, while Guyger lived directly below him on the third floor.

"An affidavit for an arrest warrant says the officer found the door ajar at what she thought was her own apartment".

"We did a full, complete presentation to the grand jury", she said. "And more so, the proper penalty to reflect on the pain she has caused", said Jean's mother.

"From the very start, I knew she murdered him, and I was not satisfied with the manslaughter charge", Jean said.

Guyger was sacked from the police department after the shooting.

According to Guyger, after she shot Jean, she turned on the lights, realized she was in the wrong apartment, gave Jean CPR and called 911. He had worked for the PricewaterhouseCoopers accounting firm in Dallas since graduating. A struggle began and Guyger fired her Taser at Perez, who then wrested it away from her.

Amber Renee Guyger appears in this mugshot provided by the Kaufman County Jail.

The federal suit argues Guyger used excessive force in the shooting and that the department did not give her adequate training.