How Taylor Swift tried to catch stalkers at one of her concerts

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Bosses at Ticketmaster are also considering using facial recognition technology at concerts, but say they will be "careful" about its implementation due to privacy concerns.

The system being adapted for Taylor's concert followed a break in to her property in NY.

Anyway, Back To December and it's not known if this sick beat worked, and Taylor Swift's people aren't talking to confirm or deny.

Fans who attended her concert at the Rose Bowl in California on May 18 had their photos taken with facial recognition technology.

The data was then sent to a "command post" in Nashville, Tennessee to match the images to a database of her known stalkers in order for them to make her concert more secure.

An obsessed stalker of the singer broke into her home in April, pleading guilty to attempted burglary and criminal contempt this month.

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Swift released a short teaser for the concert film showing clips of her on the tour, which included two nights in Dublin's Croke Park.

Swift went on to thank her fans and those who toured with her.

A third stalker, Mohammed Jaffar, was also sentenced to six months in prison earlier this year after threatening Swift with violence and trespassing at another of Swift's NY homes.

The Bad Blood hitmaker has been beset by stalker problems and earlier this year a man was arrested with a knife and ammunition outside her Los Angeles home.

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Neither Oak View Group nor Swift's reps immediately responded to a request for comment.