The 2018 Farm Bill, All But Passed, Will Legalize Hemp

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The 807-page bill also offers improved crop insurance access for established farmers as well as novice farmers and offers financial assistance for farmers transitioning from conventional to organic farming - it also quadruples federal investment for organic research. The compromise bill - released Monday - does not include the strict work requirements for food stamps passed under the House bill earlier this year. The legislation cleared Congress yesterday and is on its way to President Donald Trump for approval. Furthermore, this confusion has kept some investors (many in the US) on the sidelines.

Hemp is about to become legal nationwide. Though the President has expressed his favor, the final decision has not been completely confirmed until his pen inks the deal so this continues to be a developing story. Grassley joined eight other Republicans in opposing the measure, which was supported by every Senate Democrat.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted 87 to 13 to approve a farm bill that will cost $867 billion over 10 years, legalize the production of hemp, expands farm subsidies to the extended family of farmers, permanently funds farmers markets and farmer-training programs, and doesn't add work requirements to receive food stamps, as House Republicans had wanted. One in six staffers said they had been personally victimized. Trump and conservatives had pushed to create new work requirements for food stamps, but the Senate rejected the idea. Funding provided by the bill lasts over five years until 2023, reauthorizing $400 billion in USA agricultural subsidies and conservation programs.

The hemp changes in the bill have been developing for awhile.

"I mean we even have pictures where we actually took the same 1947 International Harvester cultivators and cultivated the crop", said Ben Pasley of Mount Folley Farms.

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It does not make significant changes to the food stamp program that serves almost 40 million low-income Americans. "That was not supported broadly by the body across the building, and we made the compromise necessary to get us to this place".

Although the Farm Bill will be a monumental step forward for hemp and hemp-derived CBD, the FDA has ruled that CBD is not an approved food ingredient, food additive or dietary supplement, which may limit the scope of the legislation, according to Richard Huang, CEO of vape producer Cloudious 9.

"I want to thank Senator Pat Roberts, who has been a mentor to me throughout this process and who has now seen through eight Farm Bills, as well as Chairman Conaway for his leadership and guidance".

The bill had big wins for organic aficionados, outdoorsy types, and fans of sustainable agriculture - but some greens are disappointed that we're still spending billions to shore up the bottom line for farmers. The program will survive under the final version of the bill, aides said. "The money is not significantly more, but the secretary [of agriculture] has been given some flexibility" to create new markets for USA farm goods, Moore says.