1TB Galaxy S10 Will Cost $1800, Beating iPhone XS Max Claims Report

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On the opposite end of the price spectrum, rumors also indicate the potential for a budget-priced Galaxy S10.

The latest information about the Galaxy S10 lineup comes from notable Twitter leaker Evan Blass, who shared renders of three devices - allegedly the three variants of the S10 - on the social networking platform this Saturday. The feature will be called Powershare, which will allow the device to charge other devices wirelessly.

But then Samsung is known to try out many of its new ideas on the other series and sometimes drop the idea and not go ahead with the mainstream Galaxy S series which are considered the flagships.

The regular Galaxy S10 price will be £799 ($1,007) for the 128GB version and £999 ($1,260) for the 512GB variant.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is an nearly certain bet to arrive early next year as the South Korean company keeps up its relentless pressure on Apple's iPhone.

The novelty will present in three versions: the 5.8-inch Lite S10, S10 standard size 6.1 inches and S10 Plus at 6.4 inches.

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Leaks concerning the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 have revealed major components and design decisions, as well as the United Kingdom prices of the device's different versions, and when it's due to go on sale.

So the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will still seem slightly more powerful in its ability to have a large amount of cameras, but not by much.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be released on February 24, 2019. There's no rear fingerprint scanner in sight, so it's either mounted on the side or underneath the display.

The new leak pretty much sums up everything we need to know about the device. You can choose between 128GB, 512GB, and a whopping 1TB of storage. Adnan Farooqui, the senior executive editor at SamMobile, was quoted as saying that "after hearing about the trademarks for Samsung's blockchain and cryptocurrency software, we chose to dig around a little deeper". It will apparently also sport a single camera on the front and dual cameras on the rear.

In comparison, the £60 price bump between the entry-level Galaxy S9 and entry-level Galaxy S10 looks impossibly reasonable.