A Wonderful Life with Trump? President calls SNL 'Democratic spin machine'

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"A REAL embarrassment is the uneven inclusion, step by step, of systems like NBC and Democrat turn machines like Saturday Night Live", Trump tweeted on Sunday morning. He questioned the legality of what he called "unfair news coverage" on certain TV networks. Should be tested in courts, can't be legal?

Last night's SNL Cold Open dreamed of a world where Donald Trump wasn't President, bringing back almost all of the stars - including Alec Baldwin as Trump, Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen. Heidi Gardner plays Trump's fictional future wife Hernia.

Needless to say, things turned out to be a lot better for everyone - including Trump himself! In the sketch, Alec Baldwin reprises his role as Trump, who is shown a much happier, alternate reality in which he is not in office.

The skit did not miss any chance to poke fun at Trump, as Stiller played Cohen, his ex-lawyer, and told Trump that everything he did was on Trump's directive. He's been having a go at the famous sketch show ever since Alec Baldwin's uncanny depiction of him back in 2017.

Trump hosted SNL in November 2015, just five months after announcing his bid for president. Trump asked in the sketch. "It was foiled by a team of transgender Navy seals", Clarence the angel responds, referencing the ban that was announced by Trump in three surprise tweets in July 2017.

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Trump's mention of a "scandal" likely refers to his irritation with the media's coverage of the many controversies that have engulfed him and that have sparked investigations.

Earlier, he took specific aim at Baldwin's impersonation of him, calling it an "agony for those forced to watch".

When Baldwin hosted SNL, the show recorded its highest rating in six years, and eclipsed even Mr Trump's own episode as host in 2015.