Pres. Trump tells GOP leaders he won't sign bill to avoid shutdown

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House Republicans passed a spending bill Thursday that includes $5.7 billion for a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

Trump has repeatedly said he would partially shut down the government over the wall money, meaning he would veto a homeland security budget bill that doesn't include the funding.

The Drudge Report ran the headline: "Trump in Retreat" while Fox News host Laura Ingraham tweeted Wednesday: "It was supposed to be a "big lovely wall" with a 'big attractive door.' Now it's just an open door with no frame". He also argued that Mexico will pay "indirectly" for the wall because the terms of a new trade deal will boost U.S. revenue. Democrats favor border security, Schumer said, but he denounced the wall as "ineffective, unnecessary and exorbitantly expensive".

The turn of events kick-started negotiations that had been nearly nonexistent since last week's televised meeting at the White House, when Trump neither accepted nor rejected the Democrats' offer.

US President Donald Trump has said that the wall on the border with Mexico will be "beautiful" and made of "artistically designed steel slats".

The White House had previously floated another possible workaround, suggesting Trump would approve a deal with no wall dollars and pursue other funding options.

In an attempt to resolve the impasse this year, Trump and McConnell on December 18 proposed giving Trump a $1 billion fund that he could use at his discretion for border security.

The Senate's top Republican and Democratic leaders began negotiating new proposals, and talks were expected to continue. It would provide money to keep the government running to February 8.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at the White House that Trump "will not travel in a shutdown". "It doesn't work. It's not effective", Pelosi said, per the Hill.

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White House officials were in a meeting discussing border security last August when a sudden outburst from aide Stephen Miller silenced the room. The Senate passed the bill Wednesday. Even in the GOP-controlled House, Trump did not have the votes to get $5 billion in wall money, and House Speaker Paul Ryan declined to bring it to the floor. The California Republican says: "I think you'll find that we'll be able to move forward".

A vote on a stopgap spending plan that would avoid a partial government shutdown is being delayed as senators debate whether to reauthorize a popular program that supports conservation and outdoor recreation projects across the country.

With Pelosi's backing the Senate-passed bill likely has enough support for House approval with votes mostly from Democratic lawmakers, who are still the minority, and some Republicans.

What was once a deal to avoid a Christmas partial shutdown was torpedoed Thursday by conservatives and Trump, who unleashed fury at another agreement that stops short of providing the $5 billion the President has demanded for the border.

By postponing decisions on spending for agencies that include the Departments of Justice, Commerce, Interior, and Agriculture, Democrats will have more power over the process next year when they take majority control of the House, though that will also put a greater spotlight on their responsibility for the process.

Congress did pass legislation to fund much of the government through the fiscal year, until October 1.

Three-quarters of government programs are fully funded through next September 30, including those carried out by the Defense Department, Labor Department and Health and Human Services.

Those opposing government shutdowns will be relieved, but to be safe, a 24-hour watch should be posted to the president and his Twitter account between now and Friday night. The US Postal Service, busy delivering packages for the holiday season, wouldn't be affected by any government shutdown because it's an independent agency.