Post Offices Will Stay Open on the Christmas Eve Holiday This Year

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President Donald Trump is gifting federal employees with a day off on Christmas Eve this year. It will be open on December 26 from 10 6 p.m.

Stone Road Mall will be closed on Christmas Day.

On December 25 to January 1 the following services will be unavailable: on demand/specialized services dispatch, customer service centre, which includes the public front counter, call centre and lost and found.

Parking meters will be free on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and on New Year's Day, but must be fed on New Year's Eve.

At the City of Cambridge numerous usual municipal services will not be open for the holidays.

Pres. Trump tells GOP leaders he won't sign bill to avoid shutdown
Democrats favor border security, Schumer said, but he denounced the wall as "ineffective, unnecessary and exorbitantly expensive". He also argued that Mexico will pay "indirectly" for the wall because the terms of a new trade deal will boost U.S. revenue.

Beer Store locations across the province also close at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve and remain closed Christmas Day. Collection routes will run on a one-day delayed schedule.

An added day-off will help out the some 7% of Americans who wait until Christmas Eve to buy their final gifts, according to the National Retail Federation per USA Today.

¯ Jefferson County Courthouse and county offices will be closed Monday, Christmas Day and Wednesday.

James City County Marina store and office, CLOSED Monday and Tuesday. On Boxing Day, GO Transit will operate under its Saturday service hours.