Trump Threatens To Close Border If Democrats Won’t Give Him Wall

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The threat yet again upped the ante in a political row that has led to a partial shutdown of the U.S. government and seems set to dominate the start to the third year of Trump's presidency.

Trump has threatened to close the border in October and November over a caravan of about 4,000 people from Central America who were traveling to the border.

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters today that the White House has backed down from its $5 billion demand for a border wall, offering a lower number to Democrats last weekend.

Opponents, especially in the Democratic party but also some in Trump's Republican party, say that a physical wall is impractical and that the idea is being used as a political tool to whip up xenophobia in Trump's right-wing voter base.

Schumer's spokesman, Angelo Roefaro, said in a statement Thursday night that the New York Democrat had explained to Vice President Pence in private that the White House's offer wouldn't pass the Senate.

Trump's tweets come as Congress has effectively given up on breaking the impasse over the president's demands for border-wall funding, all but ensuring that the partial government shutdown will stretch into at least the start of the new year.

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Misguided as Trump's wall is, the smart thing for Democrats to do would be to give him some money for it in exchange for legalizing Dreamers and those he kicked off "temporary protected status".

In a befuddling series of tweets Friday, President Trump appeared to threaten both the Democrats and US trade relations with Mexico when he suggested he would close the southern border.

Despite Trump's threat, the United States this month announced a new collaboration with Mexico on a program to curb migration from Central American countries, with much of the $10.6 billion USA contribution to be drawn from existing aid programs. "We will be cutting off all aid to these 3 countries - taking advantage of USA for years!" During the brief session in the House, Republicans shot down a Democratic attempt to vote on legislation to reopen the government.

Alas, as I've already insinuated, the causes of Chuck Schumer's intransigence shouldn't be hard for the president to understand.

Asked about the startling rhetoric, Mulvaney told Fox that Trump "is trying to draw light to the fact this is a insane discussion to be having". This all comes down to Mrs. Pelosi's speakership.

In a tweet Thursday, he once more accused Democrats of wanting to encourage illegal immigrants, "an Open Southern Border and the large scale crime that comes with such stupidity!"