What Putin's new hypersonic weapon means for America

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Whether or not this platform can hit Mach 20 is yet to be proven, of course, but even if it can... all that speed won't do much good if the warhead breaks apart before it finds its target.

A computer simulation show the Avangard hypersonic vehicle being released from booster rockets.

Putin said the Avangard will enter service with the Russian Strategic Missile Forces next year. Just $5 a month. At the time, he also cited its potential speed as being 20 times the speed of sound - which is 767 miles per hour. The missile's job was to carry the Avangard vehicle up into the atmosphere; the ministry's video did not show footage of the glider vehicle itself.

Officials in Washington worry that the rise of maneuverable missiles that can strike their targets within seconds will destabilize parts of Europe and Asia, where a leader would have only a few seconds to decide how to respond to an attack. In turn, the USA would likely be victorious in a nuclear war with Russian Federation, even if the costs of that war to the US civilian population would be utterly horrific.The Avangard system does allow Putin to send a message to the USA that he remains committed to resourcing a near-peer warfighting threat to America.

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"The Avangard is invulnerable to intercept by any existing and prospective missile defense means of the potential adversary". "Russia has a new kind of strategic weapon". Announcing that the Avangard will now be deployed with frontline units, Putin pledged that US missile defense systems are now impotent.

Russian statements have suggested that the Avangard will be deployed as early as 2019, making it the first operational hypersonic glide vehicle system deployed anywhere.

The United States is also working on hypersonic missiles, some of them launched from airplanes, although US officials have warned in recent months that the efforts lag behind those of potential adversaries.

The Avangard is designed exclusively for a strategic nuclear delivery role while the DF-17 is assessed by US intelligence to be capable of nuclear delivery in additional to conventional payloads.