Bahrain reopens embassy in Syrian capital after UAE move

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The move by Bahrain comes hours after the United Arab Emirates' decision to reopen its embassy in Damascus.

The move is a diplomatic and political success for President Bashar al-Assad, whose control of the country is now also certified by Arab nations allied with the United States and once fighting against the so-called Syrian "regime". The reopened embassy marks the first state of the Gulf Cooperation Council to resume diplomatic work in Syria.

The Syrian foreign minister and his Bahraini counterpart had also turned heads in September after they greeted each other with a hug on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in NY.

Abdul-Hakim Naimi, the UAE's charge d'affaires, visited the site in Damascus and told journalists: "The opening of our embassy is the first step for the return of other Arab embassies".

"Syria is a country in the heart of the Arab world and it's an indispensable country in the Arab world and this is an invitation to the Arab countries to return", he said. The UAE severed its ties with Syria in February 2012.

BNA also said flights had been operating between Bahrain and Syria without interruption.

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Bashir said Sudan is ready to provide whatever is needed to support the territorial integrity and unity of Syria. However, Arab countries had also sanctioned Damascus and criticized its use of military forces against the opposition.

Syria was expelled from the 22-member Arab League shortly after the war broke out in 2011.

It said that the resumption of ties aimed to "support the sovereignty and independence of Syria" and face "the dangers of regional interferences".

He added that UAE through its presence in Damascus is trying to activate the Arab role in what would "contribute to ending war and strengthening opportunities for peace and stability for the Syrian people".

At the time analysts told Xinhua that the visit could be a prelude to restoring normal Arab relations with Syria.