President Trump Suggests a Slogan for Warren's 2020 Campaign

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Some youthful social-media purveyors might even call it "cringe".

She also addressed her viral Instagram Live video, in which she cracks open a cold one on New Year's Eve.

And opportunity, for too many of our young people, is shrinking.

She is the most prominent Democrat yet in what is expected to be a crowded field of fellow contenders hoping to retake the White House from Republican President Donald Trump in 2020. But the party may have moved on from the once-hyped future party leader.

"What I want to see is what the field's going to look like, and how these individuals do in putting together outreach around the state", said Matt McCoy, a former Democratic state senator and current Polk County supervisor, adding that Warren had called him late a year ago as she laid the groundwork for her presidential announcement.

Warren has released test results showing she is between 1/64th and 1/1024th Native American.

But President Trump is already making an effort to ensure the lingering questions over her claims of Native American heritage - and her attempt to substantiate them - will follow her to the first caucus state.

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In that light, her latest spectacle may play right into an unpleasant stereotype-or it could be a cry for help.

That means she could be between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American. "Their rate of alcoholism is much higher than the rest of the population". "Or is this going to be one more thing that billionaires can buy?"

The Democrat from MA is the first high-profile figure to announce an exploratory committee and has picked up staff from other presidential campaigns, hitting the ground early.

"I drink Michelob Ultra - the club soda of beers", she told reporters Wednesday. "I hope she does well. I think people will find her interesting". In the past, he has mocked the Massachusetts Democrat by dubbing her "Pocahontas". "That gives her a real upside".

The left wing of the party still polls for Sanders, who won New Hampshire over Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 22 points.

"We'll see how she does", he said. "People have not forgotten nor forgiven that", Ehlers said.