Tech Giant Huawei Punishes Employees For Sending Tweet On iPhone

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Huawei is in a stiff competition with Apple and that can be clearly seen from Huawei's P-series smartphones at loggerheads for market sales with Apple's iPhone.

It is obvious that such blunders are accompanied by some bad press that Huawei does not need now.

The blunder was first spotted by popular YouTuber Marques Brownless (also known as MKBHD). However, despite the calls for a boycott, it appears Huawei has forgotten to instruct its public relations representatives about it because they were caught using an iPhone. That, of course, rubbed Huawei the wrong way, and it has taken action against the employees responsible.

It might also have further ruffled feathers in Shenzhen after a number of popular United States blogs, including 9to5mac, picked up on and ran with the since-deleted tweet, marked "via Twitter for iPhone". That was likely not the first time that Huawei's social media team has used an iPhone to send Tweets on its official account, but it is likely going to be the last time. The punishment included a deduction of 5,000 yuan (US$728.39) from their monthly salary, as well as a single-level demotion, an internal memo seen by Bloomberg News said. Even T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere promoted Samsung Mobile's Note 3 phablet using his iPhone 5s. This was more than a one-time thing - which it was for Huawei, it sounds like. Samsung's brand ambassador in Russia, Ksenia Sobchak (who is also Russian President, Vladimir Putin's niece) was caught using an iPhone on live TV. His latest reveal saw Chinese phone manufacturer send a Happy New Year message from - you guessed it, an iPhone (the tweet has since been deleted).

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Huawei has something of a reputation for discipline and strict working conditions.

The Problem had originated from Reuters, because Tweets are usually sent via a Desktop PC, Twitter of censorship reasons in China but is not accessible.

Why does all of this matter? . That was some time after that tweet was made on Huawei's Twitter account.

Although this is not such a grave mistake, it still is an embarrassing situation, especially considering the alleged iPhone boycott.