Manafort accused of sharing 2016 election data with Russians

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The court filing was meant to rebut Mueller's contentions that Manafort continued to lie to investigators after agreeing to a plea deal for limited charges that would avert a trial on a number of other counts.

Manafort's attorneys used a black-bar overlay on the PDF document they submitted to the court, but the overlay didn't eliminate the underlying text, which could be copied and pasted. The U.S. claims Kilimnik is linked to Russian intelligence, which is accused of leading the election interference effort in 2016, but he denies those ties.

"The same is true with regard to the Government's allegation that Mr. Manafort lied about sharing polling data with Mr. Kilimnik related to the 2016 presidential campaign", the redacted parts of the document read.

Prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller had contended in November that Paul Manafort, who headed Trump's campaign for several months in mid-2016, had told "multiple discernible lies" during 12 interview sessions after he had agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

The errant admissions in Manafort's court filing also acknowledge that a person wanted to use his name when meeting President Donald Trump.

Mr Mueller is investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Manafort is suffering from depression and anxiety and is at times confined to a wheelchair because of gout.

"The defence contests the Government's conclusion and contends that any alleged misstatements, to the extent they occurred at all, were not intentional", Manafort's lawyers said in the filing to US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington, who is handling one of two cases against Manafort.

The latest allegations further detail how Manafort's work on the campaign intersected with his past worldwide work with Kilimnik.

Manafort had previously said "he did not believe that he had any direct or indirect communications" with any officials while they served in the administration.

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Manafort has been in jail since June, after prosecutors accused him of attempting to sway witness' testimony against him while he was under house arrest.

Prosecutors said that "after being told that Mr. Kilimnik had traveled to Madrid on the same day that Mr. Manafort was in Madrid, Mr. Manafort "acknowledged" that he and Mr. Kilimnik met" there, according to the filing.

Kilimnik has denied ties to Russian intelligence and is not in US custody.

Manafort's lawyers responded that any such conversation did "not constitute outreach by Mr Manafort to the President" and said the prosecution's second example was "hearsay".

Federal prosecutors convinced a jury in August 2018 to convict Manafort on eight of 18 bank and tax fraud charges in a trial in NY.

Manafort, who earned millions of dollars for his political consulting work for Ukraine's former pro-Russia government, has emerged as a key figure in Mueller's investigation.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered the special counsel to respond and set a January 25 hearing to air the competing perspectives.

Manafort will not ask for a hearing regarding the prosecution's accusations, according to the filings.

Although Manafort's attorneys could request an evidentiary hearing on the claim he lied to Mr. Mueller's team, they suggested the matter be addressed in a pre-sentencing report compiled by the probation office.